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本生产线满足左前、左后、右前、右后的玻璃升降器装配要求(产品和工艺) This production line meets the assembly requirements of the glass lifters (products and processes) at left front, left back, right front and right back.



总体理念(生产线满足TEA-T010系列升降器兼容使用) 1.本生产线满足左前、左后、右前、右后的玻璃升降器装配要求(产品和工艺); 2. 每个工位采用人工手动喂料,人工出料,工位与工位之间采用不锈钢槽式、滑槽交替输送; 3.生产线采用单件流动原则,工位与工位之间按1-10件缓存设计 4.生产线总共设计3个工位,每个工位基本平衡,工位时间节拍约为50S/件,每天8小时产量约为550件; 5. 每个工位对易错装,漏装,和反装的零件,适当应用防错技术,对其进行防错监控; 6. 每个工序完成,人工对相应的装配特性(错漏装,是否到位,运转性能等)进行自检,并作相应标记  7.检测设备满足检测项目为:上升时间/速度、上升电流、堵转电流、堵转力、弹簧弹出量、张紧力、传动掣高低差检测;检测数据通过工控机进行分析并制成Excel报表,通过条码打印机打印条码 8.终检设置外观检测台:对易错漏装的零件,外观件,产品性能等项目人工再次确认; 9.按流程进行不合格品控制,质量管理,工艺管理. 10.适当应用设备管理,安全,人机工程,快速换模换线,外观等技术。 General concept (the production line is compatible with tea-T010 series lifters) 1. The production line meets the assembly requirements (products and processes) of glass lifters at left front, left back, right front and right back; 2. Manual feeding and manual discharging are adopted for each station, and stainless steel trough and chute are adopted for alternating transportation between the station and the station; 3. The production line adopts the principle of single-piece flow, with 1-10 pieces of cache designed between stations 4. The production line designs a total of 3 stations, each of which is basically balanced, with a time beat of about 50S/ PCS and a daily output of about 550 PCS for 8 hours; 5. At each station, the parts that are easy to be misinstalled, misinstalled or uninstalled shall be properly applied with error proofing technology and monitored; 6. After the completion of each process, manual self-check the corresponding assembly characteristics (wrong or missing assembly, whether it is in place, operation performance, etc.) and mark accordingly 7. The detection equipment meets the following detection items: detection of rising time/speed, rising current, blocking current, blocking force, spring eject quantity, tension force and height difference of driving lever;The detection data is analyzed by IPC and made into Excel report, and the bar code is printed by bar code printer 8. Setting appearance testing table for final inspection: manually confirm the parts, appearance pieces, product performance and other items that are easy to be wrongly installed and missed; 9. Carry out nonconforming product control, quality management and process management according to the process. 10. Appropriate application of equipment management, safety, ergonomics, rapid mold change line, appearance and other technologies.



本设备采用先进技术,通过触摸屏可视化操作、PLC自动化来控制;其设计紧凑合理、性能稳定、操作简单易于维护 The equipment adopts advanced technology, through the touch screen visual operation, PLC automation to control;The design is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable, the operation is simple and easy to maintain



设备由方齿板涂油铆接机、副臂涂油罗拉铆接机、长短滑槽涂油铆接、自动打螺丝、参数全检装等工位工装及人机界面、可编程控制器等组成。设备功能及特点是通过人机界面设定好工艺参数后,按动启动按钮,可编程控制器自动控制执行元件(电磁阀、电机、液压缸等)按要求动作,完成对工件的涂油、铆接及参数全检。 The equipment is composed of square tooth plate oiled riveting machine, auxiliary arm oiled roller riveting machine, long and short chute oiled riveting, automatic screw making, parameter full inspection and installation, man-machine interface, programmable controller and so on.The functions and characteristics of the equipment are as follows: after the process parameters are set through the human-machine interface, press the start button, and the programmable controller automatically controls the actuator (solenoid valve, motor, hydraulic cylinder, etc.) to act as required, and complete the oiling, riveting and parameter inspection of the workpiece.